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About us

Dream Job Consultancy

A Global Human Resource Consultancy Firm

Let's help you identify smarter dream job opportunities. We are the most trusted consulting firm for more than 500 leading companies. Still garnering trust of more new MNCs, Public and other renowned employers.


Our professional approach to recruitment and manpower customization solutions has led our company to catch attention of more than 500 leading Corporate, Public and other employing audiences from 11-odd industries that include FMCG, FMCD, IT, Real Estate, Telecom, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Automobiles, Office Automation, and Logistics, among others. Since the inception of our staffing consulting services in 2007, Dream Job Consultancy is being able to fulfill the manpower needs of those industries quite satisfactorily, and that's why our strategic partners have laid their deep-rooted trust on our scruples and systems regarding Smarter Staffing process.

We always let our job aspirants believe that saying about job recession is a kind of hype. The employment market is still overflowing with opportunities- what there lacks grimly is the short of deserving candidates. As we have long-list of only right and deserving candidates and have been in a process of sprucing up their candidacy through our industry-orientation programs, so we do rather become able to create job opportunities than running simply after grabbing opportunities. And, all these have been possible because of our sustained retentions of strategic tie-ups with our partners.

Our job consulting strategies are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Transparent
  • Convenient
  • Definite
  • Contemporary (Bound by current industry trends)
  • Confidential
  • Benefiting

Who we are:

Dream Job Consultancy came into being in the year of 2007, and since then the success story is being scripted in multiplying order because of our measure-to-measure fulfillment of commitment resulting in improved and smarter productivity. We have grown to an enviable extent of reputation for having been one of the most trusted “Search& Staffing Engine” for our valuable clients as well as for our professionally talented human resources.

Now, our Smarter HR Solutions are being considered as the Standard Parameters in the industry. Our HR strategy involves unique recruitment processes leading to identify the Smartest of Lots from millions of candidates. We are hardnosed about Quality- both in selecting candidates as well as selecting employers.

We maintain a sustainable partnership with our valued clients. We act as an extension of our clients’ office and work tangibly for them to meet their expectations by providing them with decisive and dedicated Support. Understanding their needs and delivering them successfully have helped us to keep on having their trust.

We are committed to remain true to the policies of our partners. Our integrity to fulfilling our Commitment as made to our valued partners is all and all transparent and definite. We are uncompromising in this regard. We always come to them with true picture of our candidates and let them help to take their own discretionary decision. We do never intervene with recruiting process. Right delivery of our services is our sole motto.

We do firmly believe in respecting confidentiality parameters of our partners and therefore, accord with the highest respect to information that we have been entrusted with. We pledge to retain the trust of our corporate clients and also of our smartly talented candidates all along, and continue to develop our ground-breaking leverage and leadership in the industry.